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Add Your Grades

You work hard for your grades, now have them work for you! Submitting your grades on Küdzoo is simple.

  1. Take a picture of your report card directly from the Küdzoo app.
  2. Highlight your grades and select “Submit.” (Be sure to display your name and grades!)
  3. A Küdzoo Sqüad member will review your submission within 24 hours.
  4. Once approved, you earn Küdzoo Cash (Ü) that you can use to shop!

Küdzoo accepts up to 5 report cards per school per year!

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Küdzoo Q&A

Challenge yourself daily with Küdzoo Q&A! Küdzoo questions range from various subjects including math, science, history, SAT prep, pop culture, current events, and more! Rack up Üs daily from Küdzoo Q&A.

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What can you do with all that hard earned Küdzoo Cash? Shop, of course! Cash Oüt on Küdzoo’s “SHOP” section. We are constantly adding new Küdzoo rewards so that you can benefit from all of your hard work!

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