How it Works

At Küdzoo, we get it: going to school at any age is a lot of work that doesn't necessarily feel like it's paying off at the time. Whether you are attending middle school, high school or in college working towards a career, you need school to work for you, too.

That's why we've developed Küdzoo; an easy-to-use rewards app that allows you to turn Monday morning wins into Friday night rewards. Submit your report card for Küdzoo Cash that you can use for deals and discounts to your favorite brands, giveaways, scholarship opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences!

Download the Küdzoo app and create your profile. You start earning as soon as your profile is made with Ü100 Küdzoo Cash!

Earn those awesome grades - We're your #1 fans!
Küdzoo your report card with one click of your camera and watch your Küdzoo Cash stack up!

Complete a daily challenge to earn even more!

Redeem your Küdzoo Cash for various deals!

Get discounts on your favorite brands, check back regularly for giveaways, scholarship opportunities and last but not least, grab an experience before they're gone!

Earn badges for even more Küdzoo Cash & share what you scored with your friends!

Good grades, great rewards. It makes sense to us – and it can mean dollars for you.